Water Service 2022

This year we are trying something new.   Some of it out of necessity, some of it out of increased service for the camp.   We are having a fresh water service available to the camp.  Everyone needs fresh water for the burn.  You are supposed to bring your own supplies in order to comply with the radical self reliance.&n...

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Planet Earth Covid Policy 2022

 Hello Planet Earth! Planet Earth is excited to get back out to The Playa this year. It's hard to believe we haven't been home since 2019. COVID really threw a wrench into our lives to say the least. Planet Earth wants to do all we can to keep you safe while still being able to enjoyl the adventures BM has to offer. We believe it's important f...

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Paying Dues in 2022

Hello Planet Earth!   Once you've figured out how much you are paying for dues. Planet Earth 2022 Dues - Camp Planet Earth https://www.campplanet.earth/entry/planet-earth-2022-dues-1 Here is what you need to know to pay. We prefer that you use Paypal. To do this, please send a money transfer to Planet Earths accountant, Cassidy Moore.Note...

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Planet Earth 2022 Dues

 Hello Planet Earth! We're very excited that the burn is on for 2022. We've had some meetings, and some trips in order to get ready and we think everything is a go.  With that in mind we wanted to let everyone know what 2022 was going to look like as far as camp registration and dues. Registration Comes First! Do not send dues until ...

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Container Trip 2022

Hello Planet Earth!  After 3 long years we returned to the Playa!  Wait a minute, the event hasn't happened yet.  Yet there we were, meeting up in Gerlach to stay at Brunos again. We had arrived in Reno the night before.  This was so we could drop off the car, pick up a rental van and then have all of Friday to pick up supplies....

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Camp Meeting Minutes

 Hello Planet Earth!  We have just had out first manager's meeting. Thanks to all who attended. I've attached a link to the minutes. For those already signed up to purchase DGS / Steward Sale tickets from The Org, please read by March 2nd since there are time sensitive deadlines included. Thanks! PE MANAGERS MTG 2/27/22 - Google Docs Ente...

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Steward Sale 2022

 Hello Planet Earth!  Planet Earth is planning to be back and better than ever this year! To make that happen we need you. Specifically, the Steward's Sale (formerly DGS) is coming up, and we need to know who would be willing to pick up 2 tickets plus that vehicle pass.This year the org has made sure to note some specifics about if you ca...

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Statement of Intent 2022

Hello Planet Earth!  We've submitted our SOI (statement of intent) letter to placement to indicate that Planet Earth intends to return to the playa in 2022, and we are very excited. With that task done, we next need to have our initial meeting for PE for 2022. We plan to have this event at Josh & Jenn's house in Richmond on Feb 27th. There...

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Dues: How much, when, and how

Camp Dues Dues for Planet Earth 2019 are $400 if you join the camp by July 7th.  Unfortunately that time has passed.  If you join between July 8th and August 15th, they are $500. Membership enrollment closes on August 15th, or when we reach our cap of 85 people.If you are reserving a dedicated 30 amp power connection, please add a $3...

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A HUGE shout out to the rockin' team who built our new floors this weekend (June 1st-2nd)! There was a bit of a rocky startOn Friday, we did some recon to make sure the Home Depots had the right materials and right amounts. Also checked on the possibility of using the Home Depot rental truck even though we had a reservation for a Budget truck. The ...

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Welcome to Planet Earth!

We're glad to have you on board! This web site will be used for keeping our camp roster online as well as archiving documents and things we need. And anything else we think of...​​  If you've not yet created an account, please do so now.

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