Planet Earth 2022 Dues

 Hello Planet Earth!

We're very excited that the burn is on for 2022.

We've had some meetings, and some trips in order to get ready and we think everything is a go.  With that in mind we wanted to let everyone know what 2022 was going to look like as far as camp registration and dues.

Registration Comes First!

Do not send dues until you have completed your registration and been approved.

Once your application has been approved (you can see this by going to your PE login and you will see a section called 'You Are Approved!'), then you just need to follow the payment instructions below before you're a registered member of Planet Earth 2022! 

After payment has been received and processed that will be replaced with a section called 'Member of Planet Earth 2022'

Your membership is not completed until your registration is approved and, your dues are received. The first 85 people who both fill out this registration, are approved, and pay their dues, are in Planet Earth 2022. Simply filling out the registration does not "hold" a spot for you in camp. Until you pay your dues and other fees, your preferences for Task Crews, and RV power are not guaranteed. 

Camp Dues

$450 for early dues

$525 for mid dues

$600 for late dues

Due to the rising costs of everything in general and because of the pandemic (particularly our generator, fuel and portas cost), dues are up again. We did some thinking and adjusting to minimize the additional cost to the early registrations and put some of the cost on the late registrations (though the number of each is not the same). 

These dues help pay for the PE infrastructure that all camp members enjoy. Including: Porta potties, waste water removal, showers, a shaded kitchen area, private camp lounge, year round storage, guaranteed placement, and the transportation costs for the container. Please note that around 95% of the actual PE Nightclub, from the floors to the walls, DJ Booths, sound system, lights, videos and even fog machines have been privately donated or raised via fund raisers, very little of your dues money goes towards the nightclub infrastructure.

Early is from now until the end of June

Mid is from July 1 until the end of July

Late is from August 1

Electrical Fees

$350 for RVs

$175 for tents

The electrical costs are for anyone using large amounts of electricity (like an AC or anything with a large fan or compressor).  This will get you a dedicated line to your place (RV or tent).  You must have the right receptacle to use it.  There will be more details on electrical in another blog.  There are only a limited number of RV electrical spots.

Water Fees

$50* for RVs

$50* for tents

If you are paying the water fee, you can get drinking water on playa for $1 a gallon in 5 gallon increments for your domicle. This can save on the water and weight you need to bring for the event. We have more details on the water service in the blog.

*The water fee is just to cover the cost of the equipment.  And it is based on 15 people signing up. If we get more people signing up for it, we will lower the cost to match the number of people who sign up.  You can see our yearly finances here: 

Paying Dues

We prefer that you use Paypal. To do this, please send a money transfer to Planet Earths accountant, Cassidy Moore.

Note: For Credit Cards, please use the pay with credit card options on Paypal

For all forms of payment be sure to include a break down of what the payment is for. We need the itemization to know who is paying for what. Especially if you're paying for multiple people

Dues: Simon LeBon: $450
Dues: Nick Rhodes: $450
RV electrical: $350
RV Water: $50

The Paypal email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Many people have asked about refunds if the event is canceled. Normally we have a no refund policy on camp dues because the event still happens even if you cancel. However, our goal for Planet Earth is not to make money, but merely to sustain the camp and it's needs.

With that in mind if the event is canceled we plan to refund dues money based on what has already been spent. Some of our big expenses (generator, fuel, porta) would hopefully have a 100% return (minus any deposits), while some of our other expenses like storage, shower, container trip, etc will not. Hopefully this will yield somewhere around 75-85% of dues.

We are looking forward to having a great 2022 and hope to see you on the playa!
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