Water Service 2022

This year we are trying something new.   Some of it out of necessity, some of it out of increased service for the camp.   We are having a fresh water service available to the camp. 

Everyone needs fresh water for the burn.  You are supposed to bring your own supplies in order to comply with the radical self reliance.   Some of that water is used for drinking.  Some of that water is used for bathing.  Some of that water is used for cooking.   The camp needs fresh water for the bar.  Everyone likes it, but it also means we need to bring it.  And that takes up space, and weight.

Previously we had water refills available for the RVs.   The same guys that do our containers also do water.  But it was on an individual RV basis, and it cost $2/gal.   It also took a long time for them to fill each of the individual RVs.  In 2019 they told us they wouldn't do individual RV fills anymore.  And that we would have to rent a water buffalo (550 gal), and a pump/meter because that they can fill very quickly.  Then we can do our own servicing for ourselves.  As a bonus, that water will only cost $1/gal for those who are using the water service.

So with 2022 we are going with the water buffalo.   Because we will have water available, we want to allow camp mates to use it (and not just the RVs).   We also want to balance this with still having people being self reliant.   So what does this mean?  It does not mean you don't have to bring any water.  

You still will need to bring ~3 days worth of water (4.5 gal, but we're rounding that up to 5 gal) yourself.   That way if there's any delay in getting the water, you still have your own supply and are not without water.  We're also selling in 5 gallon increments.  So you need a container or containers that will hold a total of 5 gallons.  

The minimum container size is 2.5 gal, nothing smaller will be filled.  Since we're requiring that you have at least 5 gallons of water yourself, you will have at least 2 x 2.5 gal containers that can be filled.

So, how will the payment for the water fee work?   Only people who pay for the water service will be able to get water from the water buffalo.  The cost of the water buffalo plus pump rental is $750.   We are assuming most people who have a single RV will want to get the water service.  We are assuming some people who have a single tent will want to get the water service.  

You can take a look at the financials but we're hoping to have 10 RVs (out of the 12 or 13 we have), and 5 tents getting water service.  $750 / 15 = $50.  If we get more than 15 people signing up, that $50 can go down.  If we can get 30 people to sign up, then we will reduce the price to $25 (we will refund people money if they initially paid $50).  If we can get 50 people to sign up, than we will reduce to $15.

Anyone who has paid the water fee will be allowed to get water at $1/gal.   You cannot resell the water to others, its for your domicile use.  A domicile being multiple people in a RV or large tent, but not neighboring tents in a 'village'.  If they are not living in the same structure you are in, you cannot buy water for them.  

In order to get water, there will be a water manager on the facilities team (Headed by James Bong) who will be in charge of giving you water and collecting payment for the $1/gal in 5 gal increments.  Payment will be in cash on the playa.  No other form of payment will be allowed because we need to pay in cash when the water buffalo needs to be refilled.  Payment will also be exact change only.  This is to make the facilities team job easier.

There will be specific hours for getting water each day (TBD). You cannot just go get water yourself, it is not self service. There will be a long hose so we should be able to reach all of the RVs to fill their water (pump outs will still need to be handled by the RV on their own).

Some examples.   

Simon Le Bon wants to fill his two 2.5 gal containers.   He will go get them both filled and pay $5 in cash

John Taylor wants to fill his one 2.5 gal container.  He will go get it filled and pay $5 in cash.

Nick Rhodes wants to fill his RV freshwater 26 cal tank.   He can pay $25 in cash for 25 gallons, or $30 in cash for 26 gallons.

This is our first year with the water buffalo.  We hope it is a hit and everyone wants to use it (lowering the cost for all).   We will find out some of the logistics on the playa, but what we've put forward seems to make sense so far.

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