Container Trip 2022

Hello Planet Earth! 

After 3 long years we returned to the Playa!  Wait a minute, the event hasn't happened yet.  Yet there we were, meeting up in Gerlach to stay at Brunos again.

We had arrived in Reno the night before.  This was so we could drop off the car, pick up a rental van and then have all of Friday to pick up supplies.  

Most everyone arrived at Brunos late friday afternoon or night.  We thought we would be the only ones there, but there were a ton of other people there.  Some were burners like us with a similar agenda.  Some were families who were having an offroad playa adventure.

Because it was so crowded, we were often waiting for our food.  A first for us at Brunos.

On Saturday, we drove out to the container.   Delayed slightly because of the breakfast rush at Brunos.   Once we got there, we had to locate our two containers and assess what was inside.

I'll tell you what was inside...a lot of playa dust.   And fortunately, all our stuff.  Seemingly none the worse for the 3 years of sitting.

After emptying out some stuff we were able to extract various things out of the containers.  We needed to unpack all of the bins so we could inventory them.   We needed to find the PE letters so we could replace them.   We needed to find booze to see what was good.  We needed to find shower pieces so we could rebuild them.  We needed to pull out some wall modules to make sure nothing had happened.  We needed to pull out bikes to assess them.  We needed to pull out electronics to test them.

We broke up in to teams.  Inventory, booze, letters, shower, and misc.

The inventory team went to work going through each of the bins and matching it to what was on the inventory list.  This involved about 30 large bins and 20 small bins.  Some of the unorganized bins even got organized!

The shower team had to assemble the wall modules for the shower, as well as put together the plumbing and electrical.  Who would have known that putting brass fitting on a hose would be so time consuming?

The letter team had the task of using the old PE wall letters as a template, and designing new letters to fit on the front of the club.  Sometimes the wind would make things difficult.

The booze team looked at all of the booze.  Most of it was nicely organized.  A few things were loose.  Everything was hard alcohol so it was fine for those 3 years.  

The Misc team did a lot of things. From testing our sound system, to figuring out what was trash and removing it from the containers.  

We took frequent breaks to hydrate.  Britt made us all a lovely lunch and we all took shelter from the wind.  Fortunately things were overcast a lot of the day so it was not sweltering.  

Afterwards, things seemed to complete.  The shower got assembled and tested, the inventory was completed, the letters were cut out, the booze was accounted for and everything worked.

The last task was to pack up the container again and get out of there.   With everyone's help it went smoothly and we got out of there long before dark.  Just in time to get to Brunos for dinner...but still with a wait because of all of the people!

Because we finished everything we were able to get out of Gerlach on sunday without having to do any additional work!

I wanted to shout out to the whole crew that came out

Alex Harvey

Alex Samonte

Britt Crabtree

Cassidy Moore

Catherine Scruggs

Christopher Ambler

James Bong

Jenn Kirkpatrick

Josh Kirkpatrick

Marc Crown

Patricia Brown

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