Paying Dues in 2024

Hello Planet Earth! 

Before you can pay dues, you need to be approved (look at the membership section of the web page).  This may mean doing an interview.  Please do not pay any dues until you are approved!

Once you are approved, you can figure out how much you need to pay for dues by reading the link below...

Planet Earth 2024 Dues - Camp Planet Earth

 Hello Planet Earth! We're very excited that the burn is on for 2024. We've had some meetings, and some trips in order to get ready and we think everything is a go.  With that in mind we wanted to let everyone know what 2024 was going

Here is what you need to know to pay.

We prefer that you use Paypal. To do this, please send a money transfer to Planet Earths accountant, Cassidy Moore.

Note: For Credit Cards, please use the pay with credit card options on Paypal.

For all forms of payment be sure to include a break down of what the payment is for. We need the itemization to know who is paying for what. Especially if you're paying for multiple people.


Dues Simon LeBon: $525
Dues Nick Rhodes: $525
RV electrical: $450
RV pumpout (4): $320

Planet Earth's paypal email address is:: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please use the "send money to a friend" option, otherwise Paypal will charge a fee. This fee will be deducted from your camp dues, and you will need to pay the difference to fully pay your camp dues

If you are unable to use Paypal the only other option is to send a check (for only yourself) to the Planet Earth Accountant, Cassidy Moore. Please note however, that your camp membership is NOT complete until your registration is approved, and she receives the check, and the check clears, it is conceivable that during this delay we will hit our 85 person cap, and your camp registration will be denied if it is not received in time. If this happens your check will be returned to you.

If you really need to go the check route, send a check for your dues to:

Cassidy Moore
6 Moon Gate Ct.
Pacifica, CA

Make the check payable to: Cassidy Moore

Your membership is not completed until your registration is approved and, your dues are received. The first 85 people who both fill out this registration, are approved, and pay their dues, are in Planet Earth 2024. Simply filling out this registration does not "hold" a spot for you in camp.

Stay Informed

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Planet Earth 2024 Dues