Container Trip Failure!

At the last camp meeting we had made plans to do the container trip on April 4th-5th.

Well that time came and several things happened.

1) We made plans to go to Gerlach to get to the container!

2) Alex forgot to tell Gene that we were making said trip to the container (more on that later)

3) We all headed out to reno and then out to gerlach to go to the container.  Many of us were also attending an event in Reno that weekend (kill two birds with one stone).  It was in march last year, but the snow and weather made that suck, so they decided to move it a month later this year to avoid the snow.

4) Unfortunately even a month later this year the weather was not good.  Snow made the drive up treacherous and at some point required chains on highway 80.

5) After stopping at reno, Alex realized he forgot to tell Gene, so he called Gene to let him know (last minute) that we would be going to the container and if he needed he could meet us there (we've been to the location by ourselves before)

6) Gene got back to us just as we were on the last leg from Nixon to Gerlach.  He said that the highway to Gerlach had been snowed in since yesterday, but got plowed this morning.  But the highway from Gerlach to the container has not.  Plus the snow on the ground in the field where the container was at would make things....difficult.   We would need 4WD vehicles to reach the container.  

7) Alex called everyone telling them that the container portion of the trip was aborted due to weather.  Most everyone were right around the reno area.  Only one group had made it past Nixon.  So it turned out that not calling gene to schedule, and then calling him in a panic worked out for us.

8) We were able to get our of our reservations for Brunos in Gerlach, and reschedule

9) New container trip (during non snow weather) scheduled for June 21st-22nd

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