A HUGE shout out to the rockin' team who built our new floors this weekend (June 1st-2nd)!

There was a bit of a rocky start

On Friday, we did some recon to make sure the Home Depots had the right materials and right amounts. Also checked on the possibility of using the Home Depot rental truck even though we had a reservation for a Budget truck. The HD had a truck, and the materials. Great.

On Saturday morning we went to pick up the rental truck (used to haul the materials to the build location). We had our reservation, we went to the lot and there were no trucks. The person at the rental place said he didn't know where the truck was, and that it should be there. After 30 minutes of waiting and him calling around I asked what the likelihood of being able to get the truck in 30 minutes? He said "zero". So we canceled the reservation and went for Plan B, Home Depot Truck.

After 30 minutes of waiting and him calling around I asked what the likelihood of being able to get the truck in 30 minutes? He said "zero".

June 1st, 2019
By this time Saturday afternoon we were headed to HD for plan B. We got to the location, but we did not see a truck. Asking at customer service they said someone had already rented it. We asked if any of the other locations had it and they said one a bit further south did. So we called and asked, and told them we would be right over.

Upon arriving, we checked on the materials (to see if they had the same materials in the same amounts). Yes, they did. then we went to rent the truck, which was available. Unfortunately it was not as large as the Budget, nor was it enclosed. This meant multiple runs. The truck rental was more expensive, but the guys at HD were willing to not start the clock until we got our first run loaded.

It took us a while, but we were headed back to the build area. People had been arriving from the Modesto area, Bay Area, and LA Area. Once we got back, everyone pitched in and unloaded the truck in much less time than it took us to load. After a quick pow-wow about build instructions the team was building a floor module.

We returned to HD for the next run of materials. That went pretty quickly. At the same time, the build team was getting a system down for building the modules. Assembling the frame, putting on the ply, and then cutting the notches. 1,2,3....1,2,3...1,2,3....Soon we were cranking these things out. One lunch break, and then we were back to it. By the end of the day, we had finished 2/3 of the modules.

Now it was time to get back to the hotel and check in. Everyone wanted to relax and a well deserved shower. For dinner we reconvened at the Peppermill Buffet. A popular PE dinner spot. It had a lot of great stuff, and we stuffed ourself silly. Back to the hotel for some hard sleep.

In the morning after breakfast, we were up and at it again. 1,2,3....1,2,3....1,2,3....and lo and behold before noon, we had finished. Holy crap.

We kicked ass, got a great system nailed down and worked so well together. THANK YOU to Alex Samonte, Nick Brooks and Amanda, Daniel D. Dorman Jr., Brit Crabtree, Phil Ko, Frank DeHaan, Catherine Scruggs, Allison Cesaro, Cassidy Moore

Special thanks to Frank for providing the place to make it happen

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1/2 of the floors completed

​No longer hungry builders

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