Camp Placement

The placement questions are to help us plan the initial design of the camp. Please answer as best as you can. Your responses to questions about dates, vehicle, and shelter share NOT binding. You will have a chance to update this information through August, but we will be making the plans based on the information we have at the time

Camp Participation

There are different Camp Crews that camp members will be assigned to. Some are about Planet Earth's interactivity, some are about Planet Earth's infrastructure. Fortunately you'll be doing both.

For a summary of the PE 2022 crews please CLICK HERE

COVID Policy

To camp with Planet Earth this year, you'll need to be fully vaccinated and up to date according to CDC guidelines. This means you have received all doses in the primary

Please remember that this is about protecting your campmates and showing that you care about their health. We understand it’s not an ideal situation but we believe it’s worth it so that we can be back home for 2022 in the safest way possible.

For complete information about the COVID policy CLICK HERE

Camp Dues

Note: If you join between June 1st and July 1st dues are $450. From July 1st to August 1st dues are $525. From August 1st dues are $600. Membership enrollment closes on August 15th, or when we reach our cap of 85 people.

For complete information about dues CLICK HERE

Paying Dues

We prefer that you use Paypal. To do this, please send a money transfer to Planet Earths accountant, Cassidy Moore.

For all forms of payment be sure to include a break down of what the payment is for. We need the itemization to know who is paying for what. Especially if you're paying for multiple people

The Paypal email address is:

IMPORTANT! Please use the "send money to a friend" option, otherwise Paypal will charge a fee. This fee will be deducted from your camp dues, and you will need to pay the difference to fully pay your camp dues

For complete information about paying dues CLICK HERE

Planet Earth 2022 Membership Registration

Welcome to the Planet Earth 2022 membership registration form. By filling out this form you are committing to being a camp member of Planet Earth 2022 for this year's Burning Man. Please fill out ALL of the sections below. If you have any questions about this form please send a message to Alex Samonte on Facebook.

Once you have fully completed this registration, been approved for membership, and paid your dues, your membership is complete and you are a camp member of Planet Earth 2022!

NOTE: Every camp member is required to fill out this form for membership. In previous years we had mass signups in Planet Earth where one person could pay dues for, and sign up multiple people. This is no longer allowed. Please fill this camp registration out for only yourself and have any friends or fellow camp-mates fill out their own registration.

By registering here, you're also creating an account on this web site suitable for other camp activities, helping us maintain our records, and anything else we might find useful going forward. Welcome to the future!

The email address you use here should be something that you regularly check so we can communicate to you in a timely manner.

After registering, an activation email will be sent to the email provided. Be aware to check your spam folders for the email

User Registration
Enter your full name.

Enter your desired username.

Enter your desired password.

Confirm your password.

Enter your email address.

Confirm your email address.

All About You There are many things we want to know about you because we want to make sure you're a good fit for us, and we're a good fit for you. Much of the camp planning is done on facebook, hence the facebook name requirement.
We use FB to give out updates, organize groups and do general announcements

Do you already have a ticket? People who already have tickets are easier to have as members. We can try to help but there are no guarantees.

There is a camp requirement for being fully vaccinated (See COVID policy on the left). Are you fully vaccinated?

Please list the years you have been with us at Planet Earth. If this is your first year, just select 2022

Do you have a playa name?

Each year we create a camp yearbook so fellow camp-mates can learn a bit about each other before we get to the playa. Please write a little bit about yourself in the box below. It can be anything you like, your hobbies, camps you've been with, what your interests are, how you found PE, etc. Whatever you write here, will be seen by all other camp-mates, so give it a little thought. Note: You may want to write your answer elsewhere, and then cut and paste the answer in to the form.

If this your first time to burning man, do you have an experienced camp mate who can help you if you need it?

Why are we a good fit for you? Why are you a good fit for us?

Which of the Burning Man 10 principles most resonate with you?

Of the 10 principles which one would you like to see Planet Earth help you with?

Coming and Going
What date do you intend to arrive at Burning Man? Note#1: Burning Man begins on Sunday, August 28th this year. Note#2: Planet Earth Build begins August 22nd (You must have prior permission to show up for Build)

What date do you intend on leaving Burning Man? Note #1: Burning Man Officially ends on Monday, September 5th this year. Note #2: Planet Earth Teardown ends Tuesday morning September 6th

What kind of vehicle will you be arriving in? Even if this is another camp mates vehicle, you can specify that later

Any additional information needed about the vehicles above. For RV, Bus, Trailers, or large vehicles please specify length including any hitches, racks, etc.

Are any other Planet Earth campmates arriving with you?

Will you have an additional vehicle? (mutant vehicle, golf cart, atv)

Camping Help our placement team help you! Note that the number of 30A hookups is limited, and will need an additional payment as your part of the cost of power generation. Planet Earth has a specific amount of space for all of our members to pitch their tents, park their cars, set up areas for seating, storage, etc. This is a challenging task, as our space is limited. Experience has taught that it is not possible to give everyone space for everything they want to bring. We try to give everyone as much space as they need to be comfortable... but no more and no less. The more accurately you convey your needs to the placer, the better it is for you and the rest of the camp. Don't hesitate to put further information into the text boxes. Keep in mind that the goal of this is to determine how much area you actually require.
What type of shelter are you staying in? Even if you are staying in another campmates shelter. You can specify it later

If you selected other above, or have additional shelter information

Do you need a dedicated 30A power for your shelter? Limited quantity and additional fee

Do you want to participate in the water plan (additional fee)? This will allow you to purchase potable water on playa

Do you require any space other than for your car and shelter? For example, extended shade structure, portable changing room, storage area, 'front porch', etc. Please describe, including approximate area, and explain where it will be situated relative to your shelter and vehicle. If you are bringing a shade structure, please note if it is going over your vehicle or shelter, as this affects the amount of area you need.

If you would like your shelter to be next to any other PE member(s), please list them

Can your vehicle(s) be parked separately from your shelter?

If there anything else that the camp placer should know, please describe below

Participation At Planet Earth there are two ways we expect our campers to contribute. Interactivity, which provides the entire event with our gift to them: Music with words. It also helps us keep our excellent placement on the playa. Second is infrastructure. The camp just doesn't build and run itself. These are the tasks that help us be the great camp that we are and keep our camp running from build, to event, to teardown. We all have to contribute to make sure that we can keep doing this year after year. We are looking for participants, not tourists. As a camper, everyone is expected to contribute to both types of tasks. You will be signed up for tasks based on your preferences, application order, and skillset. You can find a link to the description of the different crews in the Camp Participation sidebar.
I am ready to help with Planet Earth's Interactivity

You will be assigned 1 or 2 task groups for interactivity to the playa, the number varies, depending on the tasks. You will be selecting your preference order for these task groups subject to that approval. 1 is highest preference, 4 is lowest.

Teardown is REQUIRED for all campers. We do teardown on Sunday (temple burn), Monday (post event), and Tuesday (post event). With enough people committed to teardown we can make it go much faster (finishing Monday!), with less work for everyone, and be able to finish sooner. If you can commit to teardown and being able to stay at least until sunday night, you will receive higher consideration for your other preferences. I can commit to Planet Earth's Teardown

I am ready to help with Planet Earth's Infrastructure

You will be assigned 1 or 2 task groups for infrastructure, the number varies, depending on the tasks. Some of these task groups require approval from the task group manager for qualified individuals (i.e. Build Crew). You will be selecting your preference order for these task groups subject to that approval. 1 is highest preference, 6 is lowest.

Do you have any special skills that will help us place you in a task group? Do you have any special circumstances that we should know about?

Anything else we should know?

Please read and understand all the terms and conditions below the bottom of the form.

I understand and agree if I fail to meet the required conditions I may be asked to leave the camp.

Thank You! After reading and agreeing to the appropriate terms, click the 'Register' Button. If nothing appears to happen, scroll to the top to see what required fields you may have missed. After registering, an activation email will be sent to the email provided. Be aware to check your spam folders for the email. Once you've been approved, you will get another email saying how to proceed forward with paying dues.