This is who we are


Planet Earth is Black Rock City’s favorite indoor 80s nightclub. We're a group of burners who love music, dance, and a lot of 80s. We are from all over the world, but many of us are from the Bay Area in California.

With two dance floors with four different themes and sets of DJs. Our greeters and front entrance welcomes you with our camp name Planet Earth cut out of the front of our building. Lights and music go all night as you dance to Music With Words.

This Is What We Do

We provide scheduled interactivity (Music and Dancing) for 8 hours a night during the event. We are also open Saturday night pre-event as a thank you to builders who have been working hard all pre-event week like ourselves (pre-event Monday) to get our camps ready.

We are also open on Man and Temple burn nights, our final teardown does not begin until Monday post-event. We're here for you the whole burn.